ttthmt They Thought They Had More Time

David Jones received a vision that changed his life forever! It felt like someone had gripped his arm and shook him awake. In an instant, he was hovering above the earth.

Beautiful, clear skies stretched over the horizon. Mountains and hills adorned the landscape below. People continued with business as usual, until a deafening sound broke through the heavens and pierced the ears of everyone who heard it. Terror gripped the people as they realized the Day of the Lord was not a fable. It had come and they had run out of time.

As you experience this vision for yourself, Jones’
book will:

* Empower you to live every moment with eternal significance
* Teach you how to prepare for the end times
* Show you how to get right with God




hitw Humble Is The Way

The way to what? The way to God’s favor, the way to form and then maintain a relationship with Him and, as surprisingly as it may seem, the way to maintain our human relationships as well. Humility is not just required before God; it is also required before one another. Because of this, humility is one of the most needed characteristics and virtues in the Body of Christ today.

The bible clearly shows us that humility is indispensable in the Christian life. The “fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honor is HUMILITY” (Proverbs 15:33). Jesus himself demonstrated the greatest degree of humility in His earthly life and ministry, and in so doing, He set a pattern for us. The result was this: “God’s highly exalted him,” (Phillipians 2:9). So humble is where we must begin, and humble is where we must remain.

In this book, Pastor David Jones masterfully lays out, in the simplest of terms, what terrible consequences pride will bring, and best of all, he shows us what is required for each of us to walk humble before God.



my-god My God Shall Supply”-David Jones

David Jones has written an original song, “My God Shall Supply”. You will be blessed by this powerful song.